Exciting Beginnings

I am working, daily, on my first story. Not much action till that gets done. I will be reading from all the sites I currently follow and I hope to get this story out by the end of the weekend. I am finding out that writing (when you first start) is a lot about editing and re-editing.  It is all so very revealing and exciting. Like I imagine taking a first breath would be.

Thank you all for the encouragement and your writings which inspire me.


Rumi says that love is all things and we are a part of love. If we cannot find Love then we are apart from it.

I am amused by the obvious paradox of word play here and it started me off on a little rant. In the demonstration above we see “a part” vs. “apart”. I find it humorous that when the word is together it means you are not coming from Love and when it is two words or separated words the meaning changes to being part of this one love and all that it is. So without definitions we are apart from love as we cannot experience it without another.

Another Favorite is when David Bowie talks about hole wholes and then repeats himself with “As in whole holes”. It took me about 5 years to get this one but when I realized the song was titled ” Andy Warhol” It began to make sense.

So my word today is Paradox and what will come back from this in topics, I just wonder.