Things you forget with a 55 minute god.

Of Coming Home

Woke up one morning feeling really bad and low in spirit. I told my god during my 55-minute appointment that I was just not right. He sent me to his god who was the master of a sort of alchemy and it was decided that I should take 50mg of singing mana in the morning and another 50 mg in the evening for one week and adding 50mg at both times till I got up to 600 MG’s of this singing mana. I asked my 55-minute god if anyone had ever received such a blessing from him and that I felt like was taking more than my river full. He pardoned my obvious ploy at humility and said everything would be alright. I felt safe with my god of 55-minute appointments and trusted that my problems would soon be gone, as this was special mana that sang in verse as you ate it. Mind you I ignored the Television commercials that claimed this particular singing mana could cause death and gladly followed my 55-minute gods instructions.

I got up to 150 MG twice a day and that night I went to sleep. When I awoke I was covered in hives that looked strangely like shingles. I knew my 55-minute god would never lead me down the wrong path so, I went to the St. Luke apothecary down the road. They looked at the welts and told me that I had to contact my 55-minute god right away and to stop taking the singing mana immediately.

I stopped taking the stuff and I soon began to realize that I had been in so much pain for so long that I was listening to my Doctor in the way he was accustomed (as a god.) I had had another problem earlier in life and I had extra pills/mana for shingle prevention. I took 4, 400 mg pills in the morning and the same at night. I then reduced the dose to two in the morning and evening. I had begun to listen to my inner self and remembered that god dwells within each one of us. As I listened and followed my own inner dialogue my body reversed the situation within a few days and I had averted a total body shingle event. Imagine my humbleness as the inner voice reminded me that I would never be put in dangers path without a good reason and a good outcome from it.

I like so many others with life threatening illness had forgotten to listen to this voice which is at least one of the reasons all this happened to my body. I now pray and have dialogue with the inner voice that guides me and I am getting better every day, though the last to heal from all of this is the thinking brain. I was not able to hold a thought in my head long enough to write, which I had found out I love doing just before the event.

So, the moral of my story is to hold my energies and trust them. Listen to others but, do not lose sight of who makes the choices in my life. It is true what all religions point out. There is only one god and the omnipotent lord resides within me, as me (Eat, Pray, Love.) Like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz I have learned that if I ever go searching for something and it is not found within the places I am familiar then it wasn’t really mine in the first place. So finally, I started the journey of

Coming home.

(This is my first contribution to writing since the above-mentioned event and I just needed to get it out there. Thank you so much for this place where I can learn and grow and be filled with marvels of writing and reading and excepting challenges.)


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