Meanderings of the Mind

16 thoughts on “Meanderings of the Mind”

      1. Thank you so much. I saw the challenge on some page about writing a haiku with the letter “E” as the main focus. On the site was a haiku about Elephants. Do you happen to now who that is? I originally wanted to link it to his pst so he could see I was in for the challenge. Or, to my surprise, was it you? 😉

        Well the mystery is solved. I found the page where I found the idea. Below ae the links.
        Abigail Gronway

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      2. OH’ my. Most importantly, thank you for your comment. I feel like writing all the time now. I started a story on word and will post it when I am finished. I’m so excited. Yeah! Thank Again.

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  1. Fun with Haiku “the double Ending Haiku”
    I have no idea if this is legal or not but, I thought it was a fun idea.
    “The Double Ended Haiku”
    Travels in my dreams
    Take me places far away
    Roused on holy ground/wholly ground ©


  2. Thank you Abigail. I am just a few days old here and yours was the first challenge I took. The other haiku I posted this morning. Having never written before I am finding it very illuminating and mostly fun. I also find that I am coming to the computer just after I wake up and make my first cup of coffee and before my first sip I am writing something. Very wonderful and my friend Jordis suggested this site to me, thankfully. I’ll be watching your site too and hope to be inspired to write some more haiku. They are great tools to learning and everything else I mentioned already. Thank you for your reply, Paul

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  3. Hi everyone. Pardon the break but, I am currently going through some Medical adjustments which slows down my thinking in the worst way, not to mention the pain facture. I hope to be finished in a month and that everything balances out so I can get my brain back. Till then I am going to start reading and sharing others stories on my site but, like I said right now it is a bit tough to even think to write this. Nothing dangerous. I am just moving from one medication to another but the side effects are daunting. Till the brain comes back have fun and know I am watching from the sides.

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  4. Paul, There is a brilliant commentary on syllables and Haiku. Essentially, to be boil it down, the haiku is perfection as the writer chooses. The extra syllable is likely your Québécois!

    Love your haiku and am very happy to see you up and atom again!

    With love,
    Jordy 💗


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